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      Beat Traffic Tickets Without Appearing in Court

      Here are practical tips to beat traffic tickets without appearing in court.

      Be polite and cooperative.

      When discussing your traffic violations or offense with a police officer, always be polite and cooperative. This may encourage the officer to issue you a traffic ticket for a less grave offense instead of what you have just committed. If you are lucky, you might just get a warning and need not appear in court. It would be a big mistake if you argue with the officer and the officer may note this argument. This documented argument may prevent the prosecutors to cut you a deal if this reaches the court.

      Do not admit your offense.

      Another way to beat traffic ticket without appearing in court can also be done right after you are apprehended by the police officer. Just try to make the discussion with the officer simple and never admit guilt. Just tell him or her that you were driving safely and at a reasonable speed.

      Also remember to tell the officer that you do not know why you were pulled over. This technique may have a chance of softening the heart of the officer and lead him in just giving you a warning. Always remember that anything you say or any admissions you make may be used against you in court after contesting the ticket.

      Park or pull over in a clever way.

      A very clever way of how to be a traffic ticket without appearing in court is selecting of a place to park your vehicle after being apprehended.

      You can park the vehicle in a road side where there are obstructions and force the traffic officer to talk to you from the road side or side where speeding vehicles pass through. The presence of speeding vehicles just at the back of the enforcer will make him or her uncomfortable and this would prevent him from asking too many questions or issuing you a traffic ticket since he is risking his safety when he has to right a ticket or ask many questions. He is more likely to just ask you to drive carefully or without speeding next time to cut the story short.

      Plead by mail.

      You can request the officer to handle the traffic ticket by mail and this may make the officer think that you are most likely not to appear in court.

      This perception of his or her may may make the officer to just take fewer notes and the lesser notes can make the officer skip the court hearing after you challenge the ticket. The sparse notes of the officer can help the judge decide in your favor. Do not question the actions of the officer since this will make him or her write a lot of notes which may be disadvantageous to you.

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      1. You’ve got some great tips for beating tickets in the moment. Too bad my son already got a ticket, so these will have to be for future reference. I’ll have to hire a lawyer to contest the ticket, I think. Hopefully, like you said, my son didn’t admit his offense.


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